I am a Building Science and Technology Instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada.

This blog is a live chronicle of my journey through the Provincial Instructor Diploma program offered by Vancouver Community College. PIDP explores the theory and practice of Adult Learning.

My primary teaching focuses on Architectural Drafting certificate students and Interior Design diploma students. I also practice Architectural Technology at a private practice on a part-time basis. This balance allows me to marry the hands-on experience of working in industry with the excitement of teaching aspiring designers.

My wife Marissa is a constant source of support and joy in my life as we raise our family and make a home together. I would not be able to continue my learning journey without her.

I have recently started fishing in my limited spare time. I have yet to bring a meal home but the peace of fishing is reward enough for me.

I am taking this program to become a more effective Instructor. Each student teaches me a new perspective on education. I am a firm believer that one-size does not fit-all in education. I hope to gain new strategies and techniques to enhance the learning experience.

This blog is a work in progress that will evolve over this program and into my teaching career. I hope you find some useful lessons in my experiences.


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